Social Chaos Survival Guide By Jeff Anderson

by Patrik

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After successfully published Street Fighting Uncaged and Home Defense Tactics series, Jeff Anderson has launched his brand new product called “Social Chaos Survival Guide”.

In brief, it is the most comprehensive guide that teaches you to escaping, evading, and surviving during social chaos in our daily live.

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Then read my intro and a honest review in this post…

Social Chaos Survival Guide Review

Angry Mob Looking to Attack? Feeling a Little Solo in the Fight?

If you believe that this could never happen to you; please remember how many riots have broken out because of panic and survival. They have occurred during natural disasters and protests when people begin to live in the moment instead of recognizing the future. Even if you don’t take part; you can easily become swept up into the mob and be in danger like the rest. Because these are very real situations; the book, “Social Chaos Survival Guide” was created to give you many different defensive tactics to survive a mass crowd like this.

When people hit their end and courtesy no longer exists; this manual is meant to give you survival techniques to claw, beat, and escape an angry mob of people that will kill if necessary. This includes small weapons that should be carried at all times, martial art techniques that can wipe out an entire crowd, and how to escape in any environment regardless of height restrictions. In other words; you will learn how to scale a wall without any professional equipment. And there are many secrets that explain how to pick a lock, a few distraction devices, and how to scare off a mob that may be chasing you. Social Chaos Survival Guide by Jeff Anderson is full of ways to protect your family and survive when all “hell breaks loose”; as it is so eloquently described.
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Who’s Jeff Anderson? Has He Ever Experienced This Before?

Jeff Anderson is a 10 year veteran of the U.S. Army, a Master Fitness Trainer, and Master Instructor of Close Quarters Combat self defense. A full time fitness and self defense author, Jeff has trained thousands of men and women in the practical application of advanced military fitness methods as well as close combat tactics for “real life” self defense.

Because Jeff Anderson is known for his military combative experience; he claims to have been in situations like this while deployed. However, once he returned home; he had learned that the odds of this occurring has increased making it inevitable in a lifetime. With his personal experience, certification in self defense, and security guard background; he has managed to combine all of this information into a survival guide manual. Being a loving husband and father; he understands that their protection is the most important goal. This is why he divulges a few tips and tricks to surviving an angry mob with ways to escape for the entire family. This isn’t just about you; it is about protecting all of your loved ones, too.

Is The Money Worth The Time and Book?

“Is it worth it?” will always be the million dollar question. The answer solely lies within your personal opinion. When someone is put into a life-or-death situation; internal instincts kick in and you begin to do whatever it takes to survive. There are some really good techniques described in this book that will help. This includes over 35 objects that can be carried to distract, defend, or even kill; if necessary. The goal isn’t to hurt the entire mob; it is only to escape and luckily there are also many different secrets and techniques to succeed. There are even ways to take out multiple attackers with one, easy move and those are taught as well.

But, the downfall is that regardless of the extensive information; some of it seems a little unrealistic. The martial art moves are very possible, but definitely needs some practice to successfully complete. And even though there are an array of objects that need to be carried; you will need a separate bag to hold all of them and of course, that will need to be with you at all times as well. The preparation to survive a violent mob is quite involved and almost seems impossible to follow.

And The Verdict Is …

This is probably one of Jeff Anderson’s better novels about self defense and survival. It does have many effective techniques that can prove to be very helpful in a dangerous and crowded situation. Many of this can be found on the internet with some extra research, if you are concerned about surviving something like this. However, ‘Social Chaos Survival Guide’ book doesn’t really offer any amazing information that can’t be found anywhere else. The good news is that you can find it all within one manual, but for a very hefty price. It boils down to whether you want to spend the time on the research or spend the money on the answers.

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Social Chaos Survival Guide Overview

Social Chaos Survival Guide came with physical book and audio program that’s sent to your door and it’s loaded with really cool secrets you’ve probably never even thought of! For example, here are some of the tricks you’ll discover…

  • A 12-second “man trap” that’s capable of taking out multiple attackers!
  • Improvised survival gadgets you can make or pick up cheap (that really work!)How to drive like a Secret Service agent to escape from pursuing cars.
  • The 25 items you should have on you to be fully prepared for an instant eruption of violence. (Think that’s too much to carry? No! It will all fit neatly on your body or into an ultra small case that can be carried around practically anywhere and you’ll barely notice it!)
  • The very best weapons for surviving social chaos!
  • How to scale a 12′ wall blocking your way…with NO tools or climbing devices!
  • The best sword to carry for escape, evasion, and fighting! (Don’t laugh! I’m dead serious and when you read this, it makes total sense!)

Again, maybe you think that this sounds like it’s all fantasy, but these are all practical skills that you’ll need for when the feces hits the electrical oscillating atmospheric modification device. And don’t worry whether you’re an experienced “prepper” or a complete beginner.

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David Mitchell December 24, 2011 at 7:52 pm

I am the father of 9 children whom we home school. We are very impressed with your new book and CDs. They could add a needed area of wisdom to our family. This year we have been on a very short budget. Please advise on how to obtain this material at a much lower price.
Thank you for doing a great service for for concerned dads across America.


Jim Byrd February 16, 2012 at 6:12 am

Hi Jeff!
Would you please call me at (xxx-xxx-xxxx *edited by admin for privacy purpose*) cell. I have some questions and I would like to place an order by “phone” for privacy.
Thank you and have a nice day. Jim

PS. Do you know anyone who offers “Survival Defense” for Women who is REAL and TRUSTWORTHY? (Not Just “Self ” Defense)
I have an 18 year old 5’3” 105 lb. daughter planning on going off to college. She’s done Martial Arts since she was 6 years old. She wants more! Ideally, we’re looking in the East San Francisco Bay Area around Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon or Livermore area.
Would appreciate any referral contacts you may have. Thanks again!


Jim Byrd February 16, 2012 at 6:18 am

Hi Jeff!
Jim here again. Please keep my first message confidential since it is personal and specific information. Thanks.


Jim Byrd March 19, 2012 at 7:44 am

Please take my email messages off of your website IMMEDIATELY! My messages were confidential and should have been treated as private. I’m still waiting for a call from you or your customer service department. Thank you. Jim


Patrik March 26, 2012 at 9:54 am

Sorry Jim, I just read your comment recently.
You are addressed the wrong person, this is review site of Jeff Anderson products. You can contact Jeff here:

Also, I kept your msg private and not publishing it


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